Wednesday, 3 May 2017

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Who Began This Universe? Existence of God.

Who Began This Universe ?

There is no need for anybody to began this Universe to began it because there is no  beginning to this Universe and there is no end. 

This question has been asked by all the religion because everybody wants to know who began this universe. because your minds are so small they cannot conceive a beginning less universe & endless universe just eternity to eternity because you cannot conceive that vastness, then your question  arises "who create the universe" ? but if there was somebody already began it, there was universe.

Do you see the simple arithmetic if there was somebody already began it then you cannot call it beginning, because somebody was already there. if you think that god is really a necessary thing, it gives you consolation that god created the worlds so you have a beginning.
But who created god ? again you fall in the same problem and all the religions said that god exist eternally, there is no creator of god. if that is true for god then why it is not true for existence ? it is autonomous, it exists at its own there is not need of any creator because that creator will require another creator.
And if there is a beginning of universe then there must be an end of it, every beginning is the beginning of an end, every birth is the beginning of death.

Your problem is the capacity of mind is  very limited, you have to go beyond mind to see the beginning less & endless universe, Those who have risen beyond mind have also risen beyond god 
simultaneously god is a need for the mind because mind cannot conceive infinite eternal things it can conceive very limited things.

The question arises because of your mind's incapacity that who created universe? do you see the god cannot solve the question  then there will be the question 'who created god' ?
any hypothesis which cannot destroy  the question is useless. 

any answer that keeps pushing the question the further back but does not touch it is not the ans
the only ans you will find in your own experience that you dont have any beginning you dont have any end with on your own then you'll know the existence is autonomous. God is the insult to existence, to man, to consciousness,

There are hundred's of religion in the world and all are fighting witch each other, these are all created because the concept of god, and every religion has its own idea, because it is a fiction
you dont have different ideas about sun you only  can have different ideas about fiction it is upto you which every way you want, Faith does not give you the answers, it just stops you asking the question.  



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